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University of Michigan League Wedding : Amanda and Craig

Amanda and Craig’s University of Michigan League Wedding in Ann Arbor was an elegant affair with delightful accents of trick-or-treats.  I started out with Amanda in the bridal suite at the League and scooted back and forth between the bride and groom as they got ready at opposite ends of the hall in the hotel.  The first look was in a private courtyard at the League, with one of the most beautiful bright-salmon-red-pink maples I had ever seen was our backdrop.  From there we trolleyed around Central Campus and hit the Law Quad and Nickel’s Arcade before heading back to the League for the ceremony.   Overcast, and starting to rain while we were in the Quad, we limited our shooting to protected areas, and made it to the Arcade, whose beautiful glass ceiling gave us gorgeous light and refuge from the rain.  The ceremony and reception at the Michigan League were filled with an emphatic warmth and glow adjacent to the cold, rainy Halloween night outside.  Upon Amanda and Craig’s introduction into the Ballroom, guests put on spooky and humorous masks, and a delightful evening of dinner, conversation, laughter and dancing followed.  Congratulations Amanda and Craig, I wish you both the very best!


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Michigan Stadium Wedding : Dana + Alex

It was a beautiful July day for a Michigan Stadium Wedding with Dana and Alex.  We started out at the Ann Arbor Sheraton for getting ready and their first look, then proceeded to shoot location photos around University of Michigan Central and Northern Campuses.  While we shot more traditional spots on the Diag and in front of the Union, my favorite spot was our last location on North Campus at the large, beautiful pool and fountain Alex directed us to there (that we had ALL to ourselves!).  From there we headed to the Stadium and gathered for a few portraits before the Ketubah signing in the locker room.  When the processional began the light was absolutely perfect, backlighting everyone while not being too bright, and with the light breezes, the ceremony on the 50 yard line of the Big House was so pleasant and even slightly reminisce of a warm early fall game day.  The reception at the Jack Roth Stadium Club followed with lots of dancing, wonderful toasts and after dusk fell, Alex, Dana, my second photographer and I had the Stadium turn the lights on for our own private use of the turf for some end of the night photos.  Congratulations, Dana and Alex!!  I wish you all the best in the lifetime ahead of you.

Michigan-Stadium-Wedding 0002 (1)

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Michigan Theater Ann Arbor Wedding

It was a beautiful rainy wedding day and celebration with Shannon and Dave at the Michigan Theater in Downtown Ann Arbor, with getting ready and reception taking place at the Ann Arbor Marriott at Eagle Crest.  We started with getting ready at the hotel, then had the first look in a long quiet hallway with an amazing wall of windows.  We then hopped on the bus (instead of doing outdoor photos, because of the constant rain) and headed straight to the Michigan Theater for an amazing interior setting to work with for a backdrop.  After photos, guests began to arrive on the red carpet.  Shannon and Dave put so much thought and creativity into every single detail and moment for this beautifully executed day!  The ceremony and vows were so heartfelt and moving that at one point, almost everyone in the house was tearing up.  The evening brought us back to the Ann Arbor Marriott at Eagle Crest for a wonderful evening of toasts, cheers and an amazing dance party!  Congratulations to you and it was an amazing pleasure to be part of your Michigan Theater Ann Arbor Wedding!  I wish you both all the best in your coming adventures!

Michigan-Theater-Ann-Arbor-Wedding 0001
Michigan-Theater-Ann-Arbor-Wedding 0002
Michigan-Theater-Ann-Arbor-Wedding 0003
Michigan-Theater-Ann-Arbor-Wedding 0004
Michigan-Theater-Ann-Arbor-Wedding 0005
Michigan-Theater-Ann-Arbor-Wedding 0006
Michigan-Theater-Ann-Arbor-Wedding 0007
Michigan-Theater-Ann-Arbor-Wedding 0008a
Michigan-Theater-Ann-Arbor-Wedding 0010
Michigan-Theater-Ann-Arbor-Wedding 0011
Michigan-Theater-Ann-Arbor-Wedding 0013
Michigan-Theater-Ann-Arbor-Wedding 0014
Michigan-Theater-Ann-Arbor-Wedding 0015
Michigan-Theater-Ann-Arbor-Wedding 0016
Michigan-Theater-Ann-Arbor-Wedding 0017
Michigan-Theater-Ann-Arbor-Wedding 0018
Michigan-Theater-Ann-Arbor-Wedding 0019
Michigan-Theater-Ann-Arbor-Wedding 0020
Michigan-Theater-Ann-Arbor-Wedding 0021
Michigan-Theater-Ann-Arbor-Wedding 0022
Michigan-Theater-Ann-Arbor-Wedding 0023
Michigan-Theater-Ann-Arbor-Wedding 0024
Michigan-Theater-Ann-Arbor-Wedding 0025
Michigan-Theater-Ann-Arbor-Wedding 0026
Michigan-Theater-Ann-Arbor-Wedding 0027
Michigan-Theater-Ann-Arbor-Wedding 0028
Michigan-Theater-Ann-Arbor-Wedding 0029
Michigan-Theater-Ann-Arbor-Wedding 0030
Michigan-Theater-Ann-Arbor-Wedding 0031
Michigan-Theater-Ann-Arbor-Wedding 0032
Michigan-Theater-Ann-Arbor-Wedding 0033
Michigan-Theater-Ann-Arbor-Wedding 0034
Michigan-Theater-Ann-Arbor-Wedding 0035
Michigan-Theater-Ann-Arbor-Wedding 0036
Michigan-Theater-Ann-Arbor-Wedding 0037
Michigan-Theater-Ann-Arbor-Wedding 0038
Michigan-Theater-Ann-Arbor-Wedding 0039
Michigan-Theater-Ann-Arbor-Wedding 0040

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Engagement Session : Saugatuck Wedding Photographer

My life has been full of change, re-boot-ing, moves, and exciting direction this past year!  I have been and will be shooting in Ann Arbor lots this summer season, but as I settle on the west side of Michigan, I am looking forward to booking and shooting more events in Saugatuck, Douglas, Benton Harbor and Kalamazoo areas!  Amidst the busy photography season, I have acquired an agent and have four book deals in the works for writing and illustration.  Needless to say, the one thing I’ve let slide is my photo posting.  So in keeping this going and establishing myself in a new area, I aim to start showing, in small snippets over these next months, the work I’ve been doing the past year and a half!  The waters of Lake Michigan have lulled and quieted me, while at the same time have opened my heart once more and I’m feeling much more centered in my creativity and in myself for the first time in years.  My business began five years ago in Chicago, and since it has shifted to Ann Arbor, and now the thriving art coast of Michigan!  Here’s a couple from an engagement session I shot in the city a little over a year ago. I am a Saugatuck Wedding Photographer, who likes to shoot the whole west side of the state.  I look forward to hearing about your event!

saugatuck-wedding-photographer 1

saugatuck-wedding-photographer 7



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Barton Park Engagement Session : Ann Arbor Photographer

This end-of-autumn Barton Park Engagement session was almost like walking through an enchanted forest.  The gray clouds hung low, but cast a dreamy kind of light.  These two are so sweet together, in such a tender, quiet and loving way.  While engagement sessions are necessarily made up of more set up shots, I also try to create an environment where you can relax and be yourselves.  I’m not telling you how to be, rather I create the circumstances for you to emerge and be each other with each other (while I capture that — it’s so much less about looking at me/the lens).  It’s wonderful to watch and literally feel my clients relax and get into, and have fun during a session.  We laughed a lot – the whole point is for you to feel and act naturally because that comes across in the images in every way you might imagine.   In late October, the autumn colors were fading… some, however, were still bright, and the protected underbrush of the forest still had shades of green.  Walking through Barton Park, it was chilly, but we had so many options in just a short walk.  There was a gorgeous bridge, forest glens, railroad tracks, and brush covered trails that looked straight out of a Fairy Tale.  Congratulations to you both! I’m really looking forward to being part of your wedding day come October 2014!

Barton Park Engagement Session
Ann Arbor Wedding Photographer
Barton Park Engagement Session Ann Arbor
Barton Park Photography Session
Michigan Wedding Photographer

For More about Ann Arbor’s lovely Barton Park, visit HERE.

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